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Welcome to Chris and Kellie's web site!

See the links at top or left of this page for some family photos and pictures of Chris's never-ending airplane (RV-6A) project that took flight for the first time in October 2008 after more than 12 years of construction but is still undergoing periodic "improvements" between flying adventures.

Justin's first student pilot solo flight, a week before his 18th birthday; flight made in a Citabria, N9091L, with AeroDynamics Aviation (formerly Amelia Reid's flight school) out of Reid-Hillview airport (KRHV) in San Jose:


And just under two months after he started his Private Pilot training, here's Justin as a new Private Pilot right after his successful PP checkride on 20 September 2011, standing next to the Citabria he took the checkride in:


Our kids at home for Christmas 2010:


Our RV-6A just out of the paint shop at T&P AeroRefinishers in Salinas, CA sporting a fresh paint job in February 2011 after a little over 2 years and almost 200 hours of flying since first flight in October 2008:


Justin and Rachel making use of one of Dad's Christmas09 presents - a UW Huskies "Snuggie":


Kellie and Chris just after Kellie's first flight in our homebuilt RV-6A on 25 October 2009 (exactly one year to the day from when Chris made the maiden flight after 12+ years of construction):


And in April 2010, Kellie agreed to go on her first "cross-country" flight....we made a 35 minute flight covering about 95 nm to the Calaveras Airport where our former Poulsbo, WA neighbor Larry now keeps his own RV-6.  Larry now lives in nearby Mountain Ranch, CA in the Sierra foothills and was one of the organizers of the Calaveras Airfaire we attended at the airport there that day.  Here's a picture Larry took on our departure, showing our RV-6A all dressed up with fairings installed but still awaiting that expensive paint job (you can see Kellie taping our departure on her little Flip video camera):


Hand family on the beaches of Monterey, CA in April 2009 (except for Lindsey, who was off enjoying her freshman year at U of Washington at the time):


Hand family at the top of the mountain above the Palm Springs, CA tram in Feb '08:



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