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See links at top or below for some of the latest family photos.  Click on text link or photo for larger picture.

Click here for page with links and pictures from Justin's junior year football season, hoping to improve over his first year in the QB role:  

Mountain View HS Spartans football

Some miscellaneous pics from the 2008 football season (Justin's sophomore year and first year as Varsity QB starter) are posted below.  Click on the photos for larger view and on the game title for page with video clip links.

            MVHS vs Fremont (2008):

MVHSfirstGamee2008.jpg (115045 bytes) JustinUnderCenter.jpg (84418 bytes) JustinTakingSnap.jpg (79522 bytes) JustinHandoff.jpg (109337 bytes) JustinUnderPressure.jpg (82176 bytes) TDreception.jpg (94052 bytes) TDreceptionEndOfRun.jpg (78792 bytes) JustinHoldingPAT.jpg (85235 bytes)


MVHS vs Santa Clara HS (2008):

I don't have any still photos from the second game, which was a very exciting 25-22 win over Santa Clara High School.  A come from behind win with the winning touchdown made on the final play of the game.  Kellie took video of much of the game and the winning drive clip can be seen at this link (this clip is about 10 Mb, so you'll need high speed connection if you want to play the video):



     Lindsey's high school graduation:

      LindseyHSgrad001.JPG (122749 bytes) LindseyHSgrad002.JPG (114368 bytes) LindseyHSgrad003.JPG (85577 bytes) LindseyHSgrad004.JPG (110315 bytes)


     Justin's new best friend:

JustinSnake001.JPG (95099 bytes) JustinSnake002.JPG (98293 bytes) JustinSnake003.JPG (90627 bytes) JustinSnake004.JPG (120600 bytes)


     Milestone birthdays:

Chris40th001.JPG (135048 bytes) Chris40th002.JPG (102396 bytes) Kel40th001.JPG (116527 bytes) Kel40th002.JPG (104314 bytes) Kel40th003.JPG (114614 bytes)



July 2008 trip to Seattle (just Kellie and kids):

SeattleJuly2008Trip001.JPG (103361 bytes) SeattleJuly2008Trip002.JPG (92582 bytes) SeattleJuly2008Trip003.JPG (79836 bytes) SeattleJuly2008Trip004.JPG (84172 bytes) SeattleJuly2008Trip005.JPG (102228 bytes) SeattleJuly2008Trip006.JPG (97638 bytes)

SeattleJuly2008Trip007.JPG (114848 bytes) SeattleJuly2008Trip008.JPG (79184 bytes)


Thanksgiving 2007 trip to Washington:

        page 1:

famPhoto030.JPG (129867 bytes) famPhoto031.JPG (113311 bytes) famPhoto032.JPG (99953 bytes) famPhoto033.JPG (130268 bytes) famPhoto034.JPG (92955 bytes) famPhoto035.JPG (123376 bytes) famPhoto036.JPG (88423 bytes)

       page 2:

famPhoto023.JPG (98334 bytes) famPhoto024.JPG (103627 bytes) famPhoto025.JPG (101705 bytes) famPhoto026.JPG (78876 bytes) famPhoto027.JPG (87894 bytes) famPhoto028.JPG (109947 bytes) famPhoto029.JPG (116771 bytes)

       page 3:

famPhoto017.JPG (108329 bytes) famPhoto018.JPG (83617 bytes) famPhoto019.JPG (99001 bytes) famPhoto020.JPG (142557 bytes) famPhoto021.JPG (85602 bytes) famPhoto022.JPG (106071 bytes)




Hand family 2007 spring break local sightseeing:

SanFranTrip004.JPG (91781 bytes) SanFranTrip009.JPG (143287 bytes) SanFranTrip002.JPG (122587 bytes) SanFranTrip013.JPG (135731 bytes) SanFranTrip018.JPG (121799 bytes)




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