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                              1947 Cessna 140       N2065N                                         

I had the pleasure of owning this great, classic airplane for almost five years but all good things must come to an end.....my Ce-140 was sold and delivered to her new owner in late December 2007 so I can focus on finishing my 11+ year RV-6A (N731CK, reserved) project.


Here are a few pictures from some past airplane camping trips Justin and I made in N2065N and some pictures of our final N2065N flight when we moved the plane to the Palo Alto airport where the new owner picked it up:




Our first airplane camping trip at the 2003 EAA Arlington Fly-In:




Return visit to Arlington for the 2004 EAA Fly-In:




Justin's first ultra-light flight during the 2004 Arlington Fly-In camping trip:





And our last N2065N camping trip at the 2005 EAA Arlington Fly-In:





Pre-flight checks complete for final flight from South County airport over to Watsonville, CA near Monterey Bay for lunch and avgas, then back over the Santa Cruz mountains, over San Jose and into the Palo Alto airport where we tied the plane down for a couple days until the new owner came to pick it up (note that Justin is no longer the shortest pilot in the pictures):




Justin played photographer on the final flight, where he captured the 101 freeway on our final Ce-140 climbout from South County's runway 32:



Final approach at Watsonville on our last flight where we stopped for lunch and gas (avgas for the plane, not gas due to lunch....):


Monterey Bay coastline viewed from just west of Watsonville looking towards Monterey:



Justin is always on the lookout for jets on their way to San Jose...here he captured a Southwest Airlines 737 on approach to SJC, as viewed from our Ce-140:


Passing by downtown San Jose and the San Jose airport on the way to Palo Alto:


A couple shots of Moffett Field and the historic Hangar One from about 1,600 feet on about a four mile final to Palo Alto:


And shot of Palo Alto airport while on final approach for my last landing in N2065N:


Final flight completed, N2065N is all tied down waiting for the ferry flight to her new home in Canada.  


I will miss the plane, but will always have the memories!  Take good care of her Bob!!



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