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RV-6A N731CK safely delivered to her new hangar home for final assembly!!


Picture of N731CK's final (I hope) road trip carrier, parked for unloading at the hangar:


Many thanks to the crew that helped me move the fuselage!  Looks like everybody is ready for lunch:


You can see one of my RV-6A wings on the right.  The RV-9A fuselage (under the black blankets) and horizontal stabilizer (on floor under the -9A fuselage) you can see behind my RV-6A is a friend's "quickbuild" kit, stored temporarily in my hangar while he works on his wings at home:


Kellie is only smiling because she just got her garage and the rest of the house back for the first time in more than 12 years!  But she's proud of all the rivets she has helped set in the fuselage and wings:



Final move:   pg 1   |  pg 2  

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