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The wings were a difficult building situation for me as we were living in a very old, small military housing unit with no garage.  Over a two year period, the wings were built one at a time in a bedroom-turned-shop in the house.  The wing kit parts, and later the finished control surfaces, fuel tanks, etc were stored in virtually every room in the house.  Some parts hanging on the walls, others on shelves, and raw stock angle/tubing/etc hanging from storage hooks in the living room ceiling.....yes, I have a very understanding wife.

The wing pages cover a little bit of the process, but in hindsight I wish I had taken more pictures as I went along!  This page shows thumbnails of what is on each of the wing pages in this web.  Click on the links to get to a particular page, or on the picture to see a larger version of any of the pictures.


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Page 1:

LeftSparAftUpInJig.jpg (87704 bytes) LeftWingInboardEnd.jpg (135000 bytes) LeftWingInboardEndMainSkinsOn.jpg (123291 bytes) LeftWingOutboardEndMainSkinsOn.jpg (121130 bytes) LeftWingRibsOnSpar.jpg (115485 bytes) WideViewLeftWingSkeleton.jpg (155696 bytes) winginj3.jpg (292239 bytes)


Page 2:

KelBuckSm.jpg (117609 bytes) nakedLeadingEdge1.jpg (117312 bytes) nakedLeadingEdge2.jpg (130143 bytes) LeadingEdgeStrapped1.jpg (170263 bytes) LeadingEdgeStrapped2.jpg (140074 bytes) LeadingEdgeDrilled1.jpg (155291 bytes) LeadingEdge1.jpg (95468 bytes) LeadingEdge2.jpg (75797 bytes) 


Page 3:

LandingLight1.jpg (139449 bytes) LandingLight2.jpg (147087 bytes) LandingLight3.jpg (138701 bytes) TankStrapped.jpg (98545 bytes) TankStrapped2.jpg (115334 bytes) TankStored.jpg (79526 bytes) waldecsm.jpg (70197 bytes)


Page 4:

DrillingSparLighteningHoles1.jpg (125934 bytes) DrillingSparLighteningHoles2.jpg (160248 bytes) skeleton1.jpg (164865 bytes) skeleton2.jpg (159545 bytes) SkinStiffenersClecoed.jpg (174853 bytes)      


Page 5:

LeftFuelTank(5x7)005.JPG (157714 bytes) LeftFuelTank(5x7)007.JPG (181827 bytes) LeftFuelTank001.JPG (109378 bytes) LeftFuelTank002.JPG (123073 bytes) LeftFuelTank003.JPG (114992 bytes) LeftFuelTank004.JPG (73078 bytes)


Page 6:

RightFuelTank(5x7)001.JPG (281879 bytes) RightFuelTank(5x7)002.JPG (290461 bytes) RightFuelTank(5x7)003.JPG (191743 bytes) RightFuelTank(5x7)004.JPG (186217 bytes) RightFuelTank(5x7)005.JPG (236832 bytes)


Wings:   pg 1   |  pg 2  |  pg 3  |  pg 4  |  pg 5  |  pg 6   



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