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On May 16, 2009 Justin and I made our first "Bay Tour" in my RV-6A.  We took off from the Palo Alto airport a little after 6 pm, made a short stop at the Half Moon Bay airport, then flew up the coast staying just outside and under the SFO Class B airspace.  This meant a short stretch at 1,000' over the ocean just off the coast before we could climb up a little higher and overfly the Golden Gate Bridge towards the Berkley area and then south down the East Bay making our way back to the South County airport in San Martin, CA where I keep our RV-6A, N731CK.  Justin served as the camera man from the right seat and captured the great pictures on these "Bay Tour" pages.

Here's a great shot on climbout from the Half Moon Bay airport, departing to the north towards the San Francisco shoreline:


North side of the city of Half Moon Bay and shoreline:


Rugged coastline just north of Half Moon Bay:


Closer view of same coastal cliffs north of Half Moon Bay:


Great shot of the coastal cliffs and beautiful but scary scenic Highway 1 (Kellie won't drive this road and won't even ride on it without closing her eyes or burying her head): 


Flying over the ocean almost due west of the SFO airport, Justin catches an airliner departing SFO:


Coastal town just southwest of San Francisco (Pacifica area maybe?):

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SF Bay Tour:  pg 1 | pg 2 | pg 3 | pg 4 | pg 5



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