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South San Francisco shoreline golf course:


Working our way north along the coastline, we started to see the south San Francisco box houses as we got closer to the city and dense housing areas:


Still out over the water west of the city, we can see the downtown San Francisco buildings in the distance past all the wall to wall box houses:


Another shot taken from out over the ocean to the west of the city, we can now see the Golden Gate Bridge and the clear "T" shape of the city's "open space" park area:


Pretty impressive wider shot of the San Francisco area with its sea of houses and Golden Gate Bridge in the distance on the left side of the photo and downtown SF to the right side of the photo:


More over-priced SF box houses:


Great view of the Golden Gate Bridge at this point where we were still out over the ocean west of the city, getting ready to make the turn to the east at the mouth of the SF Bay:

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SF Bay Tour:  pg 1 | pg 2 | pg 3 | pg 4 | pg 5



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