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Several years after finishing the fuel tanks, but before the plane was ready for first flight, I opened the tanks back up to perform a Van's recommended Service Bulletin to safety wire the "B" nut on the fuel pickup tube fitting inside the tank.  On the original closing of the tanks, I used cork gaskets and proseal sealant to put the access doors in place.  The proseal made the cover plates a bit difficult to remove, but after a lot of work the tanks were opened without damaging anything.  I used cork gaskets and TiteSeal to close the tanks after the SB work so they should be easier to open if needed in the future.  These photos detail what was done to comply with the SB, and also show some of the fuel tank construction detail.  Right tank is shown on this page, left tank on the next page:



"B"-nut was drilled with 1/16" bit and safety wired to the anti-rotation bracket previously installed when the tank was built.  The fitting was tight and prosealed as well, so the SB safety wire is a bit of overkill:




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